Rollin’ Down the Road. Corrugated Roads. 1960s-1970s.

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By Ginny Lowndes

Corrugated Roads tells captivating but tough-minded stories about how a young country girl, Jenny Jae, grew up in a tiny, drought-stricken Outback Australian town, which was almost crippled by conservatism and Catholicism in the 1950s, to become a writer.
The first book, Corrugated Roads – A Bugger of a Kid was about Jenny Jae’s funny, and sometimes bewildered interpretation of her childhood.
Now fifteen, those often scary and magical experiences were beginning to shape the woman she was becoming, and the life she would fashion from them. Rollin’ down the Road is the second book in a five-part series.
It continues Jenny’s chaotic journey as she travels down some rough and tumble roads that hand out the dramatic, unexpected, and funny yarns that will inform her work.

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