Dream Lover

goodlife guide

By Nicola Peterson

Quinn lifted her hand and knocked on the Chairman’s door, when she heard a deep voice she assumed he was inviting her in and pushed open the door, she gasped loudly for a number of reasons, one Maxwell was devastating handsome, plus he had the most perfect body she had ever seen. How did she know all this, because he was dressed in just his boxer shorts and nothing else.
Quinn immediately realised that working for Maxwell was not going to be easy, he was rude, moody and had the opinion that he was always right.
Occasionally she would have to travel to meetings with him and stay overnight. The first night away she is attacked by another member of staff, Maxwell comes to her rescue.
To bewilderment she starts having the strangest dreams about her boss because no matter how attractive she finds him there is no way she would ever go to bed with him. But in her dreams she does just that.
During a trip to Paris, Maxwell admits to her that he finds her attractive, ‘I would really like to see you, and not in work,’ he tells her before kissing her passionately.
Quinn agrees and response to his kisses unable to fight her feelings for him any longer.
They arrange to meet for breakfast the following morning, but when Quinn makes her way to his room she see another woman leaving. Hurt and angry instead of confronting him she checks out of the hotel and makes her way home, but there is just one problem Quinn is terrified of flying and cannot make the journey alone. When she collapses on the plane the flight is halted and she is rushed to hospital.
When Maxwell arrives he is angry for a dozen reasons, one because he had to leave a very important meeting but mostly because he realises she was running away from him.
They are arguing when her doctor comes to give her the results of the tests they have carried out, but when he passes the information on to her she is unable to understand him so Maxwell steps in and is given a piece of devastating news.
From her hospital bed Quinn looked up at Maxwell his face pale and contorted in shock, ‘What is wrong with me?’ she whispered
‘You’re pregnant!’ he spoke without thinking.
Quinn laughed, ‘I don’t think so,’ she giggled again, ‘in fact it would be a miracle!’
Neither hardly spoke during the short journey back to his hotel, Quinn was puzzled as to why it would bother him so much if she was pregnant, which there was no way she could be. No the reason for the serious talk would be him giving her the sack.
Quinn is devastated when Maxwell confesses that she really is pregnant and that the child is his, ‘I didn’t realise you slept walked then I really thought you were awake.’
But after much arguing Maxwell all so confesses that he has real feeling for her and tells her he would really like them to have a proper relationship. ‘Marry me, I promise you and our child will want for nothing.’
Eventually she promises to think about his proposal. The following day when they return home Quinn tells him she will marry him, but not because she is carrying his child but because she loves him.
‘Wonderful, I will make you happy,’ he sealed his promise with a kiss.
They are married within weeks and at first they are both happy. As usual Maxwell is away from home a lot of the time at the same time Quinn is not sleeping well because the baby kicks constantly. When he returns home from a long meeting they are both grumpy for different reasons. When Maxwell passes a comment on the size of her stomach their relationship starts to deteriorate; now they row constantly.
When Quinn goes in to labour complications set in, it is only the thought of loosing Quinn that brings him around to his senses and he knows she is his one chance of happiness. Praying he is not too late he sits by her bedside and tells her for the first time that he loves her.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/213287.

Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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