Red Hand

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By Robert Ross

Beginning in the 1870’s, Red Hand is a vivid and moving tale of a half white, half Sioux boy whose white father was killed when he was an infant. It is only after he becomes a young man that he resolves to go on a quest in search of his white heritage. His travels take him half way across the eastern U.S. — to a penitentiary in Florida, the Bowery in New York, the Ohio valley as well as spiritual journeys of introspection until his peace of mind is resolved, at last, a century later.

Robert Ross has been writing advertising for most of his adult life. His foray into other creative endeavors has been an ongoing process. In addition to Red Hand, he has a previous book to his credit as well as a short catalog of country tunes.

“An action western with a modern twist. Robert Ross has tried something different, and he pulls it off. Red Hand is recommended reading!”
Bill Crider, Winner of the Anthony Award for
Best First Novel

“Red Hand is a compelling and fascinating story of a young man, half white/half Sioux, and his journey through life as he confronts violence, prejudice, social injustice and love. The story line is thought provoking and will move you as Red Hand’s courage and determination is unparalleled. Ross has captured the aura of a Native American and brought him to life in Red Hand.”
Art Adkins, Award winning author of
“The Oasis Project”

“An exciting, well written compilation of true grit and wild wild west characters that makes you forget about your cell phone and computer!”
Dean J Kropp, author of “A Bone to Pick”

“Ross has done a wonderful job painting lush landscapes for his characters. Red Hand has an epic feel. Intimate and expansive, the author has managed to weave his American story from the plains to the jungles to the grit of the city. There’s a wonderful organic earthiness to these stories; I can see the dirt under their nails.”
A.L. “Skip” Mahaffey, author of
“Adventures With My Father”

Around every corner – a stranger’s gun, a woman’s smile, sudden death, a glass of beer and an ounce of wisdom. Red Hand’s journey is set on a Western canvas that stretches across 100 years of American history. Rich in character, rapid in pace, Ross’s authentic dialogue is pure blood and poetry.”
Brian Neary, author of “Hawk”

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