Journey Within

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By Robert Ross

Journey Within is a story of love recaptured, as two people find themselves together, once again, on an exotic island, reliving a summer romance of near perfection that happened some twenty years ago. But more than a love story, Journey Within is about a search, one man’s quest as he explores the underlying motivation behind his decision, ultimately, to walk away from the woman of his dreams.

“Journey Within is a novel that’s worth the trip. Past and present collide in this introspective, first novel, JOURNEY WITHIN, by Robert Ross. Surely a romantic himself, Ross takes his readers on an astral voyage through the eyes of his main character.
As the book opens, we find Mike riding an emotional roller coaster as he struggles to make sense of his overwhelming desire to rekindle a love affair of nearly twenty years ago. During a summer in Europe with his college buddies, Mike met Dierry. After a whirlwind romance, their bittersweet departures left a void for Mike. Just as in real life, time slipped away, as the two of them drifted into the confines of an ordinary world: careers, lovers, marriage, children, and divorce. So why now, does he feel that he must see Dierry again? As the sweet memories continue to haunt him, he acts on his emotions. As if it were meant to happen, Mike finds himself in the arms of Dierry in the sensual environs of the Caribbean. But afterward, as he wrestles with these re-ignited feelings, the book catapults the reader into a series of complex and fascinating adventures in time travel.
Ross hits the mark as he capably describes the evolution of Mike’s pursuit of self-discovery. Not so much a historical voyage, though the periods described are lush in detail, instead the underlying thread of reincarnation lets the reader explore a more subconscious and ethereal kind of journey through time.
As Ross juxtaposes the past with the present, the reader is offered the rare opportunity to investigate what drives his main character and even us to search for our true identity. After a final encounter with his astral mother, our character’s spiritual transformation comes to an end, and a newly rejuvenated Mike feels better equipped to meet the future, happier and more content than ever before in his life.
With a pizzazz for historical accuracy, a gentle and respectful treatment of women, and the imaginative and dreamy prose, Ross has succeeded in weaving a sometimes unsettling, but thought-provoking and intriguing first novel.”
––Patti Pocsik
Green Meadows Reviews

“In his middle age, Mike wonders if life is just too long for permanent relationships…
He divorced when his children were four and two respectively. Now teens, they seem adjusted, but he questions what is happening in his love life. He sees Carole, much younger than he is, but she wants more than he can give. Mike’s thoughts wander back to Dierry, his “dream girl” from his salad days when he believed that there was more to life than his experiences have since found.
A weary Mike recalls the memory of an elderly woman who insisted he had an old soul filled with past lives. That elderly woman “escorts” Mike on a journey along an astral plane into the past lives he lived and the women he loved crossing the ocean to Ancient Gaul and later existence.
However, these flawed relationships seem to reverberate the problems of present day Mike. This is a great look at human relationships including harmony within oneself via superb vignettes that are part of a powerful story line that takes the reader on a journey of the mind. Robert Ross allows the audience to believe what we want as he never sets in concrete whether the astral trip is a genuine time travel trek or whether Mike even lived those previous lives.
Regardless of which theory the reader accepts, fans will agree that JOURNEY WITHIN: A TALE OF ASTRAL TRAVEL is a triumphant one sitting reading experience along the cerebral yet entertaining plane.”
––Harriet Klausner
Blether Book Review

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