Please Don’t Yell at We

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By Sabrina Carter

Not typical of your one hundred page book addressing all the Freudisms associated with children’s behavior, ‘Please Don’t Yell at We’ takes an elementary, non-threatening and humoristic look at the ins and outs of the many things that children do. Whether you are two or ninety-two, this vibrantly illustrated easy to read book, with a Dear Parents letter sharing the author’s personal story, will make you smile, reminisce about your childhood and reflect on how you and others around you react to the actions of children. With quotes like, “…helps parents to remember to pause and reflect on the fact that as they learn and have fun, kids are simply and sincerely, just being kids.” from child social services worker Elise Cooper and a forward by child psychologist Dr. Terry Henderson, ‘Please Don’t Yell at We’ gets two thumbs up from parents and children alike. Just a sample of what’s to come, author Sabrina Carter not only explores the impact and triggers associated with yelling in her first book, but also seeks to open up the lines of communication between parents and children in the second book, ‘Please Won’t You Listen to Me’ followed by a reality check for us all on who and what’s really important with the third and final book in the series titled, ‘Please Spend a Little Time with Me.’

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