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Fellow author Joseph Valentinetti is currently accepting online interviews at

By Joseph Valentinetti
Let me introduce myself, my name is Joseph and I’m an author. I write fiction but this proposal covers both fiction and nonfiction.

My proposal to you. Here are six questions for you to answer in interview format about your art. If you answer them I will publish the interview on my blog at and possibly at eZine or other relevant blogs or websites. I have interviews up there right now. Check it out.

This is free. There is no catch except to possibly increase traffic for your book and my blog. Send the interview, sent a publicity photo of yourself and a copy of the cover of your book, send the ISBN if applicable, your web links and where to get your book.

Write the interview about one book not all your books. You can do the interview for each of your books but they must be separate and discrete.

Keep the interview over 400 and under 1000 words. The number of words includes the words in the questions. Don’t like one of the questions? Change it but keep it at six.

Send it back and I will publish it. The lag is about a month. I will not edit it, except for length or grammatical reason, or comment on it. This is a chance for you to get more exposure (me too).

Book title:                                                                                          ISBN:

Answer this question. Explain your philosophy of writing.

Then choose 5 of the following questions to answer, for a total of six:

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Why did you write this book?

If you had it to do over what would you change about the book?

What do you find most difficult about writing?

Is there a certain type of character you like to write about?

Where do your ideas come from?

What surprising things did you learn while writing this book?

How has your upbringing influenced you writing?

Where do you live and how does that influence your writing?

Do you prefer fermented or distilled?

If you have a career outside of writing how does it fit into your life as a writer?

Do you have a special routine you go through before you begin writing?

Who will enjoy and benefit from reading this book?

List ten to twenty possible tags, if you want. It will help readers find this interview.

Please submit your responses to Joseph Valentinetti <>
Best wishes in your continued success!

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