My Sixth Sense Worth

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By Linda Haney

The introduction to this collection tells a bit about my passion for caring for humanity and how through the years this grew. It starts as a young girl taking care of my pets as my patients and progresses through the years of high school and hairdressing school and motherhood. After my family was raised, I progressed to teaching, being a consultant in hospitals and for law enforcement and doing healing for animals and people. I also learned massage. It became a tool to tune into the body and feel what was out of balance.
The story of Tammy takes place when my daughter was 12. It taught me how thought projections as prayer are powerful and can alter physical conditions.
The story of Bartlie represents the first time I was able to assist someone to let go and cross to the other side.
Cindy’s story was the first time I received information while in a meditative state and then projected these thoughts and energy. It taught me how powerful prayer is when in a positive form.
The story about the psychology classes spans seven years. I was a guest lecturer and teacher for the local high school for advanced psychology classes twice a semester. I was introduced as a psychic and I have chosen some of the more dramatic memories from these classes.
The Lost Dog story is a follow up event from one of the students from the high school. You can talk to animals. You do it with your mind.
The story of Rick and the horses occurred when I was invited by him to come and watch him train a stable of 2-year-old racehorses. I experienced healing events with two of the horses and was able to share this with their veterinarian.
The massage as a tool section explains many things I leaned about the body. The hips are key to the body’s health.
New thoughts is an extension of the knowledge I became aware of. How to use the music of the Lord’s Prayer to spin each chakra open and cleanse it.
Hips are the seat of the soul and give more information about our body frame. The hips are key to the body’s health.
The story about the Country Connection is a collection of events that led to my doing healing and massage for different country musicians.
The story of Kenneth is a memory of helping a comatose father of one of my friends. As a result, he came out of the coma and progressed.
Mow Mow the Cat is a story of helping a friend whose cat’s health was failing.  Using my intuition and prayer-sent hands-on energy, the cat recovered.
The Summer of 1996 is a story of my helping a customer to heal who had been in a lawnmower accident, injuring her foot.
Zachary is a story of my grandson, his early birth and my intuitive awareness of his physical condition and subsequent hands-on healing in a children’s ICU and using the thought and tools I received to guide me. Also projecting these thoughts from a distance.
The Healing Retreat was an event for women with HIV at a guest resort in the mountains outside town. Tells of many healings and some of the clients’ experiences.
The next story is a result of being much aware of how our friends on the other side try to help us and try to let us know they are well and happy but in a different form. I was a recipient of my family coming through from the other side at a James Van Praagh event. As a result I was open to this possibility so when a young man came through to me during a healing massage I was giving his mother. I trusted the information I received and then shared it with her.
Max the Cat becomes Max the Dog was a wondrous event but was also sad for me. The little dog was born with water on the brain, subsequently his head grew larger than the rest of him and he could only walk in circle. A co-worker trusted me to heal him because it was a last resort. It became a miracle of soul exchange.

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goodlife guide

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