Lantamyra A Tapestry of Fantasy

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By Susan Waterwyk

LANTAMYRA is a journey of discovery to an enchanting world of natural beauty, terra-formed by ancient beings known as the Keepers of Akosh. It is a sanctuary world for refugees of two different planets, humans from Earth and dragons from Lanluong. They must co-exist until the time comes when the dragons can return to their homeworld and the humans can inherit Lantamyra. The dragons rule the three great Houses: Jade, Lotus and Snow. The human population lives and works to provide the needs of dragons as well as their own. They must also tend the ancient gardens of the Keepers of Akosh. It might be considered a Utopian society but the world of Lantamyra is harsh and cold, still recovering from an ice age. Severe climate, dangerous animals, famine and disease provide hard challenges to overcome. Begin the adventure in the beautiful rugged Gold Country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Meet Tylya and her lover Josh Hamilton, find the crystal scepter, and journey to Lantamyra to become a Keeper of Dragons.

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goodlife guide

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