My Justice My Revenge

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By Terry J. Mickow

My Justice My Revenge starts in a courtroom with the thoughts of what could be. It then goes through the journey of how everyone arrived at that point in time. It starts with Officer Tim Carver handling police calls, training new officers, and eventually meeting Jeffrey Motter.

Carver always wanted to work with and help children, to be a role model. When Jeffrey Motter came to work for the police department Carver felt he had an ally, someone else who liked children.

On a wonderful evening in the summer, sitting outside telling stories and laughing, Carver’s son tells his mother and father, Motter molested him when he was a small child. From that moment on Carver’s family begins a series of tribulations that could destroy their whole family, perhaps take away life itself.

As the investigation continues Carver begins to see a Motter he never knew. How could he not see it? He was trained to spot it. He would later find out how manipulating Motter was. When Motter confesses to the crime it is thought the ordeal is over. Motter hires attorneys to ascertain that his legal rights have not been violated. But then as the trial starts Carver finds out it is not Motter on trial but him. Motter’s attorneys argue Carver was the one to manipulate everything from the investigation to the confession.

While waiting four years to get to trial, Carver’s family has to overcome numeous obstacles. Tony has to relive incidents over and over, while in fear of his own safety as Motter is out on bail.

When the trial is over will Carver have his justice, or will he need to seek his revenge? When he does find his justice or revenge, will it then be over? Or will it all just continue on?

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