Conspiracy of Fear: The Killingman Chronicles

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By Mia Pratt

A Killer Attacks in the Shadows of the Golden Gate…
Beautiful red-haired software consultant Virginia DuFour is living the good life in San Francisco with her precocious twin daughters, Amy and Angela. That life is shattered when a masked gunman brutally attacks Virginia in her home and leaves her for dead. She awakens to discover that her would-be killer has abducted her twin girls and vanished into the night. When the police receive an anonymous confession detailing how the twins were murdered, Virginia is left to pick up the pieces.

A Mind-Numbing FBI Coverup is Exposed…
Four years later Virginia is confronted with a bizarre tale about a pair of beautiful blonde twins held captive in a secretive militia compound hidden in the mountains of Montana. Unable to risk involving the FBI, a desperate Virginia embarks upon a trek into the wilderness of Big Sky country to discover if the mysterious twins could really be her own missing girls.

A Desperate Mother Faces Her Deepest Fears…
Virginia’s heart-pounding search takes her on a harrowing journey to the nerve center of the treacherous Aryan Brotherhood, where she makes a grave discovery that threatens to destroy her – and she is forced to face her deepest fears. In the midst of horror she stumbles into the heart of a terrorist plot that threatens to cripple the American government and cause mass destruction on a scale beyond anything the US has ever seen.

An Unlikely Alliance is Formed…
It falls to an unlikely network of friends and strangers, along with retiring San Francisco homicide detective Ron Jamison, to fit together the jagged pieces of a twisted puzzle of murder, romance, and intrigue – and expose a shocking cover-up at the highest levels of government.

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