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By Mark Coker, Smashwords

At Smashwords, we love libraries, which explains why over the last few years we’ve built out an incredible library ebook distribution network to OverDrive, Baker & Taylor Axis 360, Odilo, CloudLibrary, and Gardners.

Public libraries are engines of book discovery. Millions of readers discover their new favorite authors at public libraries, and then go on to purchase other books by the same authors at retail.

If you want to sell more ebooks at retail, sell more ebooks to libraries.

In Episode 6 of the Smart Author Podcast, out today, you’ll learn how to sell more ebooks to libraries. You’ll learn how librarians discover, curate, purchase, and manage ebooks. You’ll learn how, when, and where to contact librarians so you’re a valued resource and not a nuisance.

You’ll learn six marketing tips you can put to use today.

We hope you’re enjoying the Smart Author Podcast. The feedback from authors and publishers around the world has been gratifying. We’re so pleased to make this quality best practices knowledge available for free to authors everywhere, and in such an accessible and convenient format.

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