How to Market eBooks to Libraries

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By Mark Coker, Smashwords

Public libraries represent a promising sales opportunity for most indie authors.

In Episode 6 of the Smart Author Podcast, out today, you’ll learn how to market your indie ebook to public libraries.

Although sales of indie ebooks to libraries are much lower than sales through retail, the library ebook market is growing whereas sales through most retailers are flat to down.

Libraries are engines of book discovery. Library patrons often discover their new favorite authors through a library checkout, and many of the patrons will go on to purchase other books by the same author at retail. If you want to sell more ebooks through retail, sell more ebooks to libraries.

There are over 9,000 public libraries in the United Stated, and over 16,000 combined in the English-speaking countries of Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Worldwide there are over 250,000 public libraries.

In Episode 6 of the Smart Author Podcast you’ll learn how librarians discover, curate, acquire, manage and check out ebooks. You’ll learn the mindset of librarians, and how everything they do is razor focused on serving their patrons. You’ll learn six marketing tips that will help get your ebooks purchased by more libraries.

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