Come Fly with Me

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By Sandi Perry

Haven’t we all experienced a moment when we’ve said something we wish we could take back? What if you were an eleven-year old girl and thought that moment caused the death of someone you cherished? Allison Ross, now a twenty-nine year old art gallery owner in Chelsea, was that young girl. The sudden death of her father in a suspicious car crash begins the unraveling of the tightly-wound world she has built around herself. This present day tragedy raises the unresolved issue of her Uncle Joey’s untimely demise, for which she feels responsible. Adding to her turmoil, she is shocked to learn that she’s been named interim CEO of her father’s luxury jet company. Past and present blur as she fights to maintain control of a company she wants no involvement in while she struggles to keep her gallery afloat.

Allison’s neighbor and good friend, Kenyon James, bakes butter-filled goodies culled from her Bubby’s recipe files, and teases her that one day someone is going to come along who will be able to break through the armor she wears over her heart. Enter Alexander Coventry, a brilliant barracuda who is the prime candidate to take her father’s place as CEO of RossAir Industries. Alex is the charmingly handsome son of a wealthy Atlanta family whose father taught him defeat is not an option. Allison and Alexander have two things in common—they both feel the need to prove to themselves to their fathers, and they’re both incredibly stubborn. His motives toward her and the company get muddier by the day as these two opinionated forces dance around one another as they jockey for power, fall in love, and search for her father’s killer. The story reaches its climax with a return to the cliffs of Frenchman’s Bay in Bar Harbor, the scene of her early childhood trauma.

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Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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