Anyone Who Can Be Fired Needs a Fallback Position

goodlife guide

By John E. Arnold

Fallback Position, Preparing a Contingency Plan for the Worst Case Scenario provides career and personal tools for anyone who can be fired or laid off so a job loss will be less devastating to them or their family. Those tools include analyzing what is important on the job and off, what you do not want from work, what you do want from your work, how to negotiate severance, how to protect yourself from defamation, how to handle health insurance, and how to negotiate for you and your familys well-being. Its a matter of survival. The days of years on the job and a gold watch are long gone. When push comes to shove, the friend who hired you will think of his or her career, reputation, and the organization before thinking of you. If any of those are perceived by the boss to be better off by cutting you loose, by whatever euphemism, then youre toast. Be prepared!

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