Blind Luck in the Yukon

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by Keith Stubblefield

Brad is an NCAA champion swimmer at an east coast college. Brad is also blind and an orphan. Over Thanksgiving break, ditching his girlfriend and trashing her plans, Brad takes a chance, based on information from a private investigator he has hired, and heads unannounced to the North Slope of Alaska to try to connect with his biological father, an oil field foreman, before he heads to a new oil field, to get answers to many questions.
The aging but experienced bush pilot Brad hires to fly him from Anchorage to “the Slope” takes advantage of Brad’s blindness and flies far off the normal route to deliver some contraband and make some quick cash before he retires from flying due to a bad heart. The plane crashes where no one would think to look for it and becomes hidden by snow from a snow bank. Brad, in very bad shape from the plane crash, is rescued by an elderly reclusive homesteader and trapper. After his injuries just start to heal, the homesteader dies leaving Brad alone and unprepared in his tiny cabin. Brad, still healing and in bizarre surroundings, barely overcomes this challenge and many others. Because of his injuries he no longer knows who he is or how he got to the cabin.
Later, Brad rescues an injured Canadian Mounty who unexpectedly shows up at the cabin, injured and very close to frozen, after being surprised and trampled by a moose. The Mounty accidentally shoots Brad while trying to protect him. They agree that Brad could not survive the rest of the winter in the cabin by himself due to his extreme lack of wilderness skills. The Mounty agrees to help Brad make it back to civilization and to help him figure out who he is.
Will the experienced Mounty and novice Brad make it safely back to civilization? Will Brad be arrested for the death of the elderly homesteader if he makes it back to civilization? Will Brad ever figure out who he is and how he ended up in the wilderness? Will Brad ever connect with his father and learn why he was left in an orphanage?

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