2211 Umbra

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By Grigor Fedan

2211 Umbra is a look at the future based on the ancient wisdom of Eastern Philosophy. Regent Louis Sagan is planning to die along with his wife who has incurable cancer. He’s one of the 2,000-plus regents who rule a peaceful and prosperous world. String theory has led to teleportation and revolutionized medicine. There are no prisons. Antisocial types who in the past caused all the crime, wars, economic, and ecological disasters, are classified as atavistic, and controlled with biochips; except in Texas, a haven for outcasts where the super-rich fled after most nations adopted a moneyless and politics-free system. An atavist army in Texas called “The Patriots” start a terrorist offensive to restore the old world order of well-defined countries, governments, and money. Louis is in charge of space exploration, and an astrophysicist insists that he look at his proposal that involves working with the energies that make up the fabric of the universe. Without knowing it, Louis Sagan is about to alter humanity’s course.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords and/or Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/2211-UMBRA-Grigor-Fedan/dp/0578159406.

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