By C. Naseer Ahmad

The life of Sheikh Amri Abedi—African Muslim, spiritual sage, poet, and political leader—is the story of a remarkable man who rose from poverty in colonial East Africa to become a star of the global, peace-loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

From the rural shores of Lake Tanganyika in East Africa in the 1920s to the spiritual community of Rabwah, Pakistan, to the bustling seaport of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, A Diamond of Africa recounts the spiritual formation of one of the Muslim world’s unsung heroes. Sheikh Amri Abedi emerges from the poverty of his childhood to become a missionary, a Muslim scholar, the mayor of his country’s capital, a leader of his country’s independence, Justice Minister of the new nation and—amid the tumult—the conscience of a generation.

A Diamond of Africa is a story of triumph against many odds, of perseverance, piety, and true goodwill towards all.

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