All Animals Go To Heaven

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By Marcel Benedeti
Published by Spiritual Light Publishing

This book was originally published in Brazil and has sold over 100,000 print copies. Now available for the world wide audience, All Animals Go To Heaven is precisely about what the title says: the lives of all animals after death and how they re incarnate in the process of universal evolution.

Are they intelligent? Do they have feelings? Can they feel love, loyalty, sadness and disappointment? All those questions and more are answered by this book.

All Animals Go To Heaven will show, once and for all, how they are not only our brothers but our spiritual partners in our evolution.

This book offers glimpses into the spirit world and how not only animals, but humans, live in that world after leaving this one.

Karma, past actions and the effects of those actions influence not only our human spirits, but the spirits of animals as well.

The book is based on the Spiritist Doctrine.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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