Your First 90 Days as a Manager

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By Cynthia Flanders and Laura Gamble

In their first Manage Fearlessly Survival Guide, Cindy Flanders and Laura Gamble have teamed up to share their 40 plus years of management experience. Leaving all the theoretical dissertations to the people with too much free time, Cindy and Laura have provided real-world, practical, action-oriented steps to help you through your first 90 days as a manager. Every tip from meeting your team to managing your time is found in the Guide to your First 90 Days.
Do you know how to assess your team? Provide real time feedback? Build the most effective team? Hire the best people? These are just a few of the questions that are answered in this guide. Cindy and Laura know firsthand what it’s like to become a manager and then be left alone with little or no guidance or training. They had to learn to survive the hard way, and now they share the tips that helped them succeed.

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