What History Trammels

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By Roberta Gould

Roberta Gould lives near the Ashokan Reservoir, West Hurley, NY. Her poetry has been published in many literary magazines including the Green Mountain Review, Confrontation, Borderlands, Pacific Coast Journal, and in newspapers: The New York Times, Catholic Worker, Woodstock Times, and in several anthologies. Her poetry is varied in theme, concise and musical. Dream Yourself Flying, (Four Zoas Press), her first book, was followed by the favorably reviewed Writing Air. Other books by Roberta Gould are:  Written Water, In Houses With Ladders, Even A Little Music, Pacing The Wind. Of two books published in Mexico, 1990, Esta Naranja, was written in Spanish. During her school days she studied in Mexico under a grant from the Mexican government and in 1990 organized an educational campaign for international tourists as an expression of her gratitude to the Mexican people.

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