Villa Lipari: An American Love Story

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By Rob Kircher

Villa Lipari is an intensely intertwined American love story that pries open normalcy and exposes a most competitive and telepathic underside. For fraternal twins Rosa and Julian Lowenstein, a multitude of plausible biological considerations could have taken place during their nine-month growth within their mother’s womb.

The incredible advancements in scientific research and medical visualization now make it possible to scan fetal development in amazing detail, displaying astonishing revelations beyond our ability to comprehend – only to marvel. As a result, it is entirely reasonable for Rosa and Julian’s fetuses to have had the means to dramatically alter elements within their predetermined genetic paths; giving them the ability to communicate and modify to a large degree what kind of persons they would become and the roles they would play throughout their entire lives.

This is Rosa and Julian Lowenstein’s story; their extraordinary journey from conception to birth and beyond as fraternal twins…a passage of time that develops into a most unimaginable love-hate relationship.

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