Valentino Speaks

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By Wayne Hartford

When Rudolph Valentino was projected onto the silver screen, audiences rarely wondered what took place in between frames. They were too enamored with the action in front of their eyes. Now comes “Valentino Speaks” and a new image of the “Great Lover” that takes us into the spaces between life-times where what you will find is a brilliant display of thought.

This is a book that challenges its readers to examine their views on any number of issues. And, with the spirit of Rudolph Valentino as your guide, you do so with elegance and grace, with neither confrontation nor conceit. Indeed, Valentino’s observations on life propel you on a uniquely beautiful mind, heart, and soul expanding experience!

“Valentino Speaks” addresses 180 topics in a series of gem-like vignettes organized alphabetically by subject matter. They are all brief and very much to the point, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric to the spiritual and are presented with sparkling clarity. Each essay or rumination, however, is not intended to be the last word on the subject. Instead, see it as a jumping-off point for further consideration or discussion.

A veritable treasure trove of useful information, this project was penned by Wayne Hatford, acting as scribe. Also the author of “Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane,” Hatford is no stranger to the art of channeling, and the cadence, language, and style of speaking in this tome, so clearly reminiscent of Valentino’s voice in other writings, attest to his ability in that arena.

As to the purpose of this work, Valentino, himself, says…“we are always in need of a little fine-tuning. That is what this book promotes, if one wishes to avail oneself of it. A sharpening of the senses, an uptick in awareness, an even better understanding of the beauty of soul, those are the attributes of Valentino Speaks.”

This book provides both a fascinating read and an enjoyable journey in consciousness. Start at A and proceed through to Z, or use it as a meditation, picking a page or topic at random each day. Whatever your method, you are about to embark on a remarkable voyage, exploring this world… and the next…in stellar company. Welcome aboard and buon viaggio!

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