Understanding The Roots Of Fascism

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By Walter J. Krueckl

This book can be seen as an educational aide, in order to study the phenomenon of fascism. It includes an analysis of what social and psychological factors form the traits of an authoritarian individual. People raised in the patriarchal system, so typical of modern society, develop authoritarian personalities which are susceptable to fascist ideologies and organizations. These powerful anti-democratic forces threaten all of us, and bear the need for closer examination. Probing the thinking and culture of fascism, this book peels away the layers, and makes the connections between the various influences that shape the self-negating development of fascist thinking. Exposed is a world of fear, hatred, prejudice, the need to identify with an external power, and the inevitable blaming of scapegoats for any personal or collective short comings. Is it time for the tyranny of the patriarchy to end? The inherent imbalance and inequalities within patriarchal systems have led to the development of over aggressive heirarchical societies bent on the domination and control of the resources and people of the world. This book includes historical analyses of the development of the various forms of fascism, highlighting the inter-connections between the personal and collective growth of authoritarianism. On occasion, it includes the personal opinion of the author, who also explores the possibility of living in a world without fascism.

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