Total Female, Take Charge of Your Sexual Health

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By Douglas Ginter
& Jason Sachman

One of America’ leading medical wellness writing teams announces the release of the book that may change your life. It’s time for you to look better, feel better, love better, and live longer!

If you think you might know everything about women’s sexual health, think again. The stunning wellness book Total Female: Take Charge of Your Sexual Health sets asides sexual health taboos and tells it like it is in clear, simple language. Female sexual health conditions not only cause quality of life issues, they also can seriously endanger health, ruin lives and damage relationships. Millions of sufferers will rejoice at the opportunity to rediscover their sexual prowess and self-confidence, and prevent the concerns that often run hand in hand with female sexual health problems.

Total Female: Take Charge of Your Sexual Health is the first in a series of female sexual health books designed to improve a couple’s sex life and women’s overall health. This first book is a must-read, because it not only details the treatments for common female sexual concerns, such as hormone imbalance, low libido, menopause, vaginal dryness. It also provides the surprisingly simple, effective treatments and procedures that most women may not be aware of.

Prepare to receive the information you and the rest of the world so desperately need. Contrary to popular belief, many of the sexual health issues that both hinder women’s quality of life, and may also be signs of underlying health concerns that can be easily and effectively treated—with some being completely curable. Get the book that reveals the truth: Discover what works, and what does not; what is safe, and what is not.

Isn’t it time to become that confident, healthy female you used to be? Total Female: Take Charge of Your Sexual Health may have your answer.

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