To Tame a Rogue

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By Kelly Jameson

Louisiana, 1816.

The dying wish of a cruel father tricks Nicholas Branton into marrying a woman he’s never met to ensure his inheritance. But Nicholas vows that it will always be a marriage in name only.

Camille Hardison dreams of escaping the life she’s living as a lowly tavern maid in a gambling establishment in New Orleans but mostly she dreams of true love. When she’s foisted off in marriage to a wealthy, arrogant, handsome rogue and womanizer to settle a mysterious gambling debt, she disguises herself as a street urchin’ in the hopes that Nicholas will call off the betrothal. In fact, they are wed that very eve in a heartless, loveless ceremony. What they don’t bet on is the raw, awakening passion they both feel for each other…or the sensual touches and aching love that will bind their hearts and souls forever in To Tame a Rogue.

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goodlife guide

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