There is Revelation in Every Situation

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by Anthony Proctor

One of the greatest epidemics in the Body of Christ is not Satanic based, but rather our intellectual misunderstanding of God’s intention for situations. God’s methodology is often misinterpreted because of a weak sense of discernment. It is in our misunderstanding of God’s methodology that irritation and aggravation is conceived. The truth is God never intended for situations to have a negative connotation. Deception was the tool that Satan utilized to open the eyes of man’s understanding therefore giving him this thing called perception.

In “There Is Revelation In every Situation”, Pastor Anthony L. Proctor presents life transforming revelation on the power and purpose of situations in the lives of every believer. Discover God’s original intent for our situations, and how deception led to distorted perception. Learn how God uses situations as confirmation, preparation, character testing, and ultimately divine revelation of a new facet of Himself.

This book will challenge you in an effort to change your perception of how you view your situations. You will never see situations a negative ever again!

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