The Z-Factor

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By Gene Zannetti

To have the body of your dreams, you need to be Fanatical- fanatical about your exercise, fanatical about your nutrition and fanatical about your mindset. The Z-Factor is the manifesto of Z-Fanatical, the revolutionary 3-Dimensional fitness program.

In six weeks, Z-Fanatical will completely reshape your body and approach to fitness (and life). Exercise and nutrition are not enough to attain the body you have always desired. It is your mindset that will make or break you. The Z-Factor provides a comprehensive and practical exercise, nutrition, and mindset plan.

Learn the LIFEPROOF workout that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time- for maximum results, in the shortest period of time.

Discover the two taboos of nutrition that presently destroy your attempts to look your best.

Apply the six, evidence-based, mindset mastery lessons that will systematically take you from being lazy to a fanatic- exactly where you need to be to finally have the body and life that you deserve.

Get Ready to Get Fanatical!

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