The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy, Book 9: The Oni’s Shamisen

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Series:The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy by Claire Youmans

Japan, 1877. Toki-girl Azuki revels in her new-found freedom. Now anyone can weave her splendid fabrics using her patterns and the looms Western Dragon Prince Iyrtsh is fabricating for Eastern Dragon Princess Otohime’s ambitious project—resettling refugees displaced by the failed Satsuma Rebellion. Then the Oni, Kukanko, who is sure she’s not a demon, calls on Azuki for help.
Azuki, her brother, Sparrow-Boy Shota; Dragon Princess Renko and Eagle-Boy Akira find a way to help the Oni while a blind musician invents an entirely new musical genre and Uncle Yuta and Aunt Noriko find places in society for formerly indentured mill workers. Lady Anko and Lord Toshio defy convention with unlucky twins while Lord Toshio buys a very special horse. Eastern Dragon King Ryuujin and Western Dragon Queen Rizantona contemplate the future of their species and the planet, and infant Dragon Prince Susu’s inability to keep a secret has catastrophic results.
History and fantasy and magical realism collide in this latest tale from the Meiji Era, a time and place where anything could happen and probably did!

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