The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy Book Five: Noriko’s Journey

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By Claire Youmans

American I Publishing 2018, 2019​

She’s a strong-minded kunoichi, a master of ninjutsu. But can she win the fight to uncover her hidden past?

Japan, 1873-4. Noriko struggles to embrace a new future when she has yet to overcome her shrouded history. Aboard the smoke-blowing iron monster of a train, she anxiously looks ahead to her new life as part of a mythical family. But with her husband’s friends expecting powerful dual-natured babies, Noriko wants to unearth her own heritage…no matter the cost.

Resolved to confront the truth, Noriko sets out to connect with her long-lost relatives. But in the quest to discover who she truly is, a shocking secret will either bring her hope or devastation.

Can Noriko use the lessons of the past to embrace a new destiny in modern Japan?

Noriko’s Journey is the fifth book in the captivating Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy historical fantasy series. If you like complex characters, rich Asian heritage, and mythical creatures based on timeless Japanese folklore, then you’ll love Claire Youmans’ captivating tale from the Meiji Era.

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