The Saga of the Jaguar Priest

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By Daniel Pedersen

Through the fierce jungles of ancient Kalamar and Akry, “The Saga of Jaguar Priest” is a tale of creatures, warlocks, and power. Two people struggle to find freedom, even as lords and spirits rise up to crash together in the greatest war the world has ever seen.

Aul’alan is a barbarian king, the son of the most feared warrior priest of his time. And Sinel is a simple slave girl, yoked to a seer whose god she does not even know, yet she bears a secret power that even she cannot hope to keep hidden. Together they will battle the fury of mad gods and the whim of demons to find themselves standing before a god more ancient than any other, the King who ruled at the dawn of time.

Can their love be enough to keep them together? And will they be strong enough to fight whatever power hides around the next corner? Written in Aul’alan’s arms are words that may hold power even over fate itself, and in Sinel’s memory the fragments of the knowledge needed to read the words – but will their faith rescue them, or will they be crushed by the tides of chaos that threaten to tear the realms apart?

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eBook formatting and Cover Design by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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