The Polar Tracker

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By Kim Kinrade

as the new millennium unfolds the project finally becomes a reality. however, it is no ordinary railway but a magnetic-levitation conveyance allowing the train to travel the 5000 kilometers from fairbanks to seattle at speeds of over 500kph. linked with this viaduct is a pipeline for a commodity which “the lower 48,” especially those states in the southwest, will need in critical amounts: water. ice melt from three large glaciers is to be shipped in large pipes suspended under the viaduct along with those carrying oil and natural gas from the Arctic tundra.

in georgia strait off vancouver island, a music teacher’s family is killed in a collision with a fast-ferry owned by the same company that is building the transcontinental mag-lev line. in his hunt to find out the truth, and haunted by his perceived inaction during the deaths of his family members, greg majewski finds an unlikely ally in a former canadian army sniper, bill whittle, who has been decorated for his prowess against the taliban in afghanistan. persecuted by the large company during their search for answers the duo threatens to turn the new line into a 5000 kilometer inferno. this ignites an international manhunt spearheaded by special forces teams from two countries.

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Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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