The Orb (Warriors Quest Trilogy)

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By Athena Kalas

Would you kill in order to protect those you love?
Do you have what it takes to be a warrior?
This is exactly what high school seniors Nicole (brainiac), and Logan (state wrestler) must determine. They never imagine the sequence of events triggered the moment they touch a museum artifact, the Orb, a portal that instantly transports them to ancient Greece. Their life-and-death struggles begin when Pythia, the sinister Oracle of Delphi, forces them to leave behind their homes in Chicago and go on quests with legendary heroes.
Refusing the high priestess’ offer means certain death, acceptance means fighting deadly human and nonhuman monsters. Survival in this barbaric land of gods and demons is only possible if the nerd and the jock can forge a strong bond between them, and if they can learn to wield unfamiliar weapons against mythological creatures.
The high school seniors will find out the hard way that it takes more than strength and courage to become a true hero. They must have the heart of a warrior.

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goodlife guide

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