The One Without The Body (The Magpie Murders) (Volume 4)

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By Nina Jon

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A NOVELLA OF JUST UNDER 100 PAGES. These stories poke a bit of fun at Golden Age Murder Mysteries in places. They’re aimed at people who like to have a bit of fun as well as solving a murder. If you don’t like to do that, please don’t buy them. Indigo Black writes to each of his beloved stepchildren, inviting them to lunch at Blackstone Manor the next day, where he has an important announcement to make. Just what that announcement is, his invitation doesn’t say. When they arrive, Detective Inspector Magpie of Scotland Yard is already there, alongside sidekick Sepia Brown. Why so? Because Indigo Black has disappeared off the face of the earth. Is his disappearance linked to the revelation that one of his stepchildren might be the missing accomplice in the pink diamond jewellery? The Magpie’s governor at Scotland Yard thinks so, and has sent the Magpie to investigate. Who disappeared Indigo Black? Colonel Jocquin Colman? Mme Sapphire Azure? Professor Mauvino Mulberry? Ms Blanche Alabaster? The Reverend Malachi Khaki? Ms Scarletta Crimson? Dr Gray? Some other shady character? This is the question our big brained detective needs to answer if he is ever to discover what happened to Indigo Black and bring the culprit to justice. The One Without The Body is the fourth of the Magpie Murders – a series of short murder mysteries by Nina Jon. With each self-contained story at under 100 pages, the Magpie Murders are ideal for the morning commute, or when you want a quick read.

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