The New 800 Calorie HCG Diet

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By Richard Lipman MD

“Safer, healthier and just as easy and fast as the original 500 calorie HCG diet” writes Richard Lipman M.D, board certified internist and endocrinologist in The New 800 Calorie HCG Diet. Many weight loss physicians agree that the original 500 calorie a day HCG diet is too limited in calories and choices for most patients. Over the past three years, Dr Lipman added additional low calorie and ultra low carb and fat foods, snacks and condiments to the diet of hundreds of HCG dieters. Not only did they feel less hungry and less deprived, but they lost the same weight as those following the original Simeons diet from 1954. Dr Lipman writes, “almost all my patients noted more energy and less cravings with the larger portions and more choices in the new 800 calorie plan.”
Dr Lipman has explored hundreds of new meal combinations, added twenty new snacks including new five fruits, unlimited vegetables, soups, condiments and even ultra low carb wraps. Many of the products were originally for diabetics or for low carb dieters developed during the 2004 low carb craze. All of the choices are based principles originally described by Dr Simeons.
This book describes the use of human hormone HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This natural hormone reduces hunger and cravings and increases metabolic processes. This results in the same rapid weight loss observed in 500 calorie version. In fact, many of Dr Lipman’s patients have experienced weight loss of between ½ to 1 pounds per day on this plan.
This book includes not only phase 1 and 2, but a completely re written phase 3. All of the HCG meal menus use thumbnail pictures showing choices, portions and preparations. No calorie counting is needed. The new 800 calorie HCG diet minimizes cooking and shopping for unusual foods. Everything than the dieter need is usually in the house or even and school or office cafeterias.
This modernized HCG plan includes the new food protocol, all required HCG essentials, sample menus, new plateau breaking tips, modernized detailed guidelines for all three phases of the HCG plan.

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