The Mystic Pharaoh: Egypt’s Famed Female Ruler

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By Victoria Veritas

This erotic drama of love, power, mysticism, betrayal and death tells the story of Hatshepsut, or “Foremost of the Noble Ones,” Egypt’s most powerful female pharaoh. She lived 3,500 years ago and was a wife, mother, queen, high initiate, co-regent and usurper of the throne. She battled royal plots, a licentious court, and power-seeking generals and priests, while falling in love with an architect in an exotic, pulse-pounding battle to return Egypt to its former glory.

This is a story of vision and ambition, of mighty projects and heartrending setbacks at the height of Egypt’s power and riches. It’s the story of Senenmut, a priest, architect and lover of Hatshepsut, who is in charge of building her temples, raising her obelisks and tutoring her daughter. She rules Egypt for 21 years and creates or rebuilds much of Egypt’s architectural splendor, while a voluptuous non-royal wife, Iset, will do anything to put her son Thuthmosis III on the throne. In a royal court where nightly wine, women and song lead to debauchery, Hatshepsut works to retain her throne, fulfill her powerful womanly desires and return Egypt to its former glory.

The recent discovery of Hatshepsut’s mummy is being hailed by Egyptologists as the most important discovery in the Valley of the Kings since that of King Tutankhamen, also called Tutankhamun.

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