The Men’s Grooming Handbook

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By John Simon

Want to look your best? Don’t let sloppy grooming keep you from getting the best jobs, the best table in a club, the best women…or anything else that you thought were just for “the other guy”!

“Calling Today’s Man!
Your Success in Business & In Love
Will Skyrocket To The Next Level
Thanks To A Brand New Strategy
For Looking and Feeling Like
A Million Dollar Man!”

A brand new Essential Guide On Men’s Grooming makes it fast, easy, and affordable

It’s no secret. Like it or not…how you look affects how you live. From how much money you make to how successful you are in social situations, a handsome, well-groomed appearance is critical to your success in every aspect of life.

Did you know…

How you look can impact your salary by up to 18% (Daniel Hamermesh, Professor of Economics, University of Texas)

People who are considered attractive/well-groomed are also considered more trustworthy and honest than people who are not (Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)

Attractive/well-groomed will receive more attention in most facets of life. (Ingrid Olson, Professor of Psychology, Penn University)

And that’s just the beginning! There is a mountain of research that demonstrates the social and economic benefits to being attractive:

Attractive/well-groomed students get more attention and higher evaluations from their teachers

Attractive/well-groomed people are assumed to be more extroverted, popular, and happy.
Why even attractive/well-groomed criminals receive lighter sentences than less attractive defendants!

Looks matter… but not as much as good grooming!

And that’s why you can’t afford to be without…

The Men’s Grooming Handbook with Advice, Strategies and Checklists

All for less than the price of a haircut

The Men’s Grooming Handbook is divided into easy-to-read sections addressing the essential grooming topics every man needs to know about including:

Clothes That Make The Man – the secrets for looking your best from head to toe so that you’re the man men want to meet and women want to date!

Your Crowning Glory – everything you need to know about hair and hair care to give you the polished, professional appearance that will open doors everywhere

Personal Grooming – proven strategies for keeping your face and skin looking healthy and youthful for years to come

Very Personal Grooming – the “hush hush” truth about dealing with all kinds of “hairy problems”

A Well-Groomed Mouth– easy-to-follow instructions for achieving and maintaining a dazzling smile that always makes a great first impression

Nothing But the Good Stuff
The Men’s Grooming Handbook doesn’t waste your time with a lot of long-winded explanations or “cute” stories that other grooming books use to “bulk up” the number of pages…and the price. Instead, it takes a cut-to-the-chase approach that you’ll appreciate.

The Men’s Grooming Handbook gives you clear, concise step-by-step instructions so that your grooming routines are as easy as 1-2-3:

8-Step Morning Grooming Regimen so you can spend a minimum of time achieving maximum results

6-Step Shaving Ritual so you can stop torturing your face every morning

8 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Great with little or no effort

7 Tips For Choosing a Salon and Stylist so you’ll never again have to “wait for it to grow out”

5 Tips For Wardrobe Shopping Success so you can save time, money and effort and still come home with great looking clothes.

Follow these simple tips and people will perceive you as a man of good breeding and taste…the kind of guy everyone wants to get to know better.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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