The Long Forever

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By Erna Porter

After grudgingly attending the wedding of a fellow squadron officer, Israeli Air Force Major Dov ben Judah reunites with Hadarah Brandão, the love of his life after thirteen years. The teenaged sister of Dov’s old wing mate was way off limits back then, but now she’s all grownup and a third year medical resident. When she confesses to being in love with him as well, it’s kismet. But cruel words are spoken and the dream is shattered! When Dov refuses to answer Hadarah’s telephone calls of apology, she deliberately aborts their child as revenge. The guilt causes severe panic attacks that threatened her future as a doctor. When Hadarah’s niece Eliana … her mirror image, becomes a cadet at the IAF Flight Academy, located at the Air Base where Dov is a combat pilot and Squadron Operations Officer, she quickly becomes obsessed with the handsome Major. In an attempt to replace Hadarah with her young clone, he has a sordid affair with the dangerous young woman, in spite of knowing it is a courts-martial offense that will not only ruin his military career but his personal life as well. A sociopath with a deep- seated Narcissistic Personality Disorder; Eliana quickly begins a campaign of stalking that rapidly escalates when Dov breaks off the relationship. He doesn’t understand how truly dangerous she is, and tolerates the stalking and harassment until she makes the mistake of vandalizing his beloved Mercedes convertible. When Eliana is convicted and sent to prison for four years, Dov assumes his problems are over. She is accidentally allowed a three-day leave, and the stalking resumes at a level of danger no one could have imagined.

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goodlife guide

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