The Human Experience

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by Mark Porteous

Caught in the stress-filled maze of the human rat-race, my hunger for spiritual truth lead me to discover my higher purpose and a state of joy for life as an ordinary human being on a path to enlightenment. In ‘The Human Experience’, I explain how I found my purpose for life on Earth and how I am fulfilling it.

It may be easier to walk the spiritual path in a temple than in daily life, yet we can often learn more of life’s lessons from our daily work than in any temple. Enlightenment can occur anywhere. The only change needed is perception. How we see our world creates our reality. I see life as a wonderful journey we are blessed to experience. Every moment is an opportunity for personal growth. Simply being consciously aware and living in the present moment, we open ourselves to all the lessons we need. Finding purpose begins with self-discovery and taking personal inventory. For the voyage of life we are provided all the tools we need to become self actualized. Mastering the use of these tools enriches our experience and accelerates our trek.

While attaining financial success in sales, for a long time I felt like my career was counter productive to my spiritual growth. It seemed to be a contradictory environment. Changing my perspective about my field of work I was able to see the opportunities for spiritual growth I could find nowhere else. A career in sales offered me a chance to prove to myself that I could apply the virtues of love; truth, tolerance, and compassion in a world normally perceived as dishonest, materialistic, self serving, and egotistical. It was the perfect training to achieve my goal of living a spiritual existence within our primarily superficial society.

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