The Highlander Howls, The Vanishing

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By M.L. Sackett

On a warm spring day Robert and Lily took a walk to their favorite place. A bench surrounded in flowers. The aroma from the flowers and the sight of his beautiful perfect wife had Robert sighing to himself. The thundering sound of hrse hooves pouring through the trees had him on high alert and letting the clan know they were in trouble.

When the matriarch of the clan Markell came into the clearing in all her glory had Robert reaching for his sword and signaling for help. A huge battle was fought that day and lives were lost from both sides. When Mari Markell knew they would lose the battle she cast a spell that had Robert and Lily hurtling through time.

We call that day The Vanishing. No one knows where the went or if they will even return. Will love conquer a magic that is to strong and evil? Will he find her and bring her home?

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