The Healing Hour

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By VC August

Both patient and psychiatrist are in for the fight of their lives. This powerful, inspirational story tells of the tender bond of hope, caring and compassion between a patient and her psychiatrist.
V has fought throughout her life to overcome endless adversity and, eventually, to establish a successful business of her own and a loving relationship in New York City. Much of this success has been due to her courage, wit, independence and ability to meet obstacles with grace. But these qualities, which have served her so well, nevertheless prove insufficient to cope with her greatest challenge of all: Complications from a serious autoimmune disease now threaten to deprive her of her eyesight, her business, and her life. Reluctantly, she seeks help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Alex, only to find herself forming a deep spiritual connection with the doctor. Just as V begins to feel safe, she is confronted with the fact that her psychiatrist also has a life-threatening illness. V’s dedication to and empathy for Dr. Alex strengthen as Dr. Alex, herself, weakens, and manifest themselves by V’s willingness to stay by Dr. Alex’s side during this difficult time.

The Healing Hour brings a crucial and all-too-rarely discussed subject out of the shadows. It deals with the boundaries between patient and psychiatrist, and how, in a moment of crisis, two people’s continued commitment to each other can turn every precious hour into one that is healing for both of them.
Author V.C. August lives in New York City.

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