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By Vicki Williams

From the Charlotte (NC) Observer –

Sheriff Rod Forbes released a statement today regarding a shocking series of events that took place at 12937 Acorn Pike in rural Santerral County on May 4. According to the Sheriff, Rafe Vincennes, race car driver and actor, who makes his home in the Lake Norman area, happened to stop by the house on Acorn Pike, mistakenly believing it to be an address where a horse was for sale. No one was home but as he stood by the door, he heard screaming coming from the house. He tried the door, which was unlocked. Once inside, it was obvious the screams were emanating from the basement. He rushed down the stairs and found a terrorized male child, approximately 5 years old, strapped to a surgical table. Almost immediately, Vincennes heard a sound behind him and turned to find a man, later identified as Craig Glenn, threatening him with a firearm. Vincennes instantly leaped toward Glenn, stabbing him with a hunting knife. The Medical Examiner’s Office pronounced Glenn dead at the scene.

The child, whose identity has not yet been ascertained by authorities, was taken to the hospital for treatment of a multitude of problems. His primary care physician said he appeared to be the victim of systematic torture.

The Prosecutor’s Office is not anticipating charges against Vincennes at this time.

In a further development, it was revealed that Rafael Alain and Rhiannon Vincennes filed for and received temporary guardianship of the victim.

“I just want to know how you knew,” Detective Rivera asked, “just an honest answer about how you knew.”
Rafe looked at the black detective, knowing there was no way he was going to be able to satisfy him.
“Just rumors that drifted around in the wind. Fears and suspicions about a malignancy in that house.”
“And why did you hear those things when we didn’t?”
“Because you’re trained only to deal with what’s real. I believe people have a primitive sense of self-preservation. It expresses itself in a kind of free-floating anxiety. Maybe I can tap into it because I’m a little primitive myself,” following the statement with a sardonic smile.
“That’s airy-fairy bullshit, Rafe,” the detective said, “maybe it just takes one to know one.”
“Maybe,” Rafe agreed, with a shrug.
“Remember what that magazine labeled you after you killed your son’s kidnappers and rescued him?”
“Yeah, vigilante. Generally, that’s something I hate with all my being, seeing as how it runs counter to everything I stand for, but this time,” his words were reluctant, “I guess I’m glad you are what you are.”

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