The Great Master

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By Toby Alexander

Learn to experience, love, joy, and peace in your life with the teachings of The Great Master. By following the twenty-seven powerful and simple steps outlined by Toby D. Alexander, you can attain oneness, a true sense of self-mastery, and awaken the Great Master in yourself.Great Masters embody many qualities. They stay in the “now,” trusting and loving what is. They surrender their egos to their higher selves. Great Masters rise above the attitudes, imprints, and limiting paradigms of their parents, ancestors, and genetic family line. They take responsibility for their creation, as they know the nature of reality. In your journey to become a Great Master, learn to awaken your mind, let go of suffering, and attain enlightenment.Mentored and trained by the omniscient and supreme perfected yogi Sri Babaji Nagaraj, Alexander composed this step-by-step guide to aid you on your journey of self-realization. The Great Master is filled with the keys to your personal and spiritual freedom.

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