The Gold Bugs

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By Dennis Powers

In San Jose, Costa Rica, black-market thieves steal priceless Mayan gold artifacts, the gold bugs, from its Gold Museum, the Museo del Oro. Ceci Dunaway is at the time touring the country while on the hunt for stolen pre-Columbian jade artifacts already taken from a Miami exhibit. Fifty, adventurous, and finally living life her way, she is there with her boyfriend, Jeff, and adult son, Timmy.

As Ceci follows the path of Angel Moreno, an attractive investigator who had disappeared while on that case, the dangerous secret police— led by crazy T.R. Escalante—is on the hunt for both the stolen gold bugs and them. As Timmy complicates their life with his adventures, Jeff tries in his own way to help out.

Along the way, they meet a drug-taking ex-pat, a fence hiding from the law, a beautiful hooker, or two, and assorted crazies, such as a sly, ex-rock musician and a fireman who sings opera at misguided times. Forced to hide in the tropical rain forests while Jeff and Timmy head off in different directions, Ceci and then the others are working towards a seedy hotel in San Jose. The continuing question is always who lives and where are all of the priceless, stolen artifacts?

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