The First American Pope

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By Donald Michaud

The Catholic Church needs to be reformed in order for all Christians to be united as Christ calls the church to be inclusive rather than exclusive accepting gays, lesbian, married priest, women priest into the priesthood. No longer will the orthodox and conservative elements within the church prevent a worldwide rebirth of the church from the scandals that have dominated the church in recent past.
In this novel the elements that have cause the church to lose millions of members worldwide and lack luster participation by existing members who have lost their true faith, calls for a new spirit in faithfulness from the church episcopacy to follow what Christ intended for his church. It bids to show how the church episcopacy has failed in its mission to evangelize in Christ’ name.
Jesus appears during the conclave to elect a new Pope. He ask the American Cardinal if he will accept. Then Jesus introduces the new Pope to the crowd in St Peter’s Square. Jesus puts forth the necessary changes within the Catholic church in order for all Christians, protestants, and jews who believe in Jesus and God the means to unite all into one Universal Catholic Church. These changes include women priests, married priests, gays and lesbians able to receive sacrements of the church. Members of these minority groups, and delegates from other non-Catholic churches who want to become part of the new Universal Catholic Church will be invited to become Bishops or Cardinals. All church doctrines, regulations, and liturgical functions will be changed to all for full inclusion rather than exclusion as is the current case. A “gang of five” Cardinal, and the Illuminati plot to have the new Pope killed by whatever means to stop the church from making these changes occur. The Cardinals even hire the Sicilian mafia to attempt an assassination. The Pope goes worldwide to meet with all the major church denominations leaders to pave the way for unification talks, leaving no stone unturned.
The church has changed from being exclusive to inclusive.
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