The Cross

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By R.J. Funston
I am a Marine Sniper in a fraternal brotherhood of honor who has served his country in the nameless jungles of Vietnam. We learned quickly our war was not clear and precise but an array of ambushes, booby-traps and other means used to conquer the aggressive Americans that attacked their home. By day our enemy plowed his fields, by night he trades his plow for the deadly Ak-47 and became the hunter of men.

I served with gallant and courageous heroes who lived and died on unnamed hills and forgotten battlefields. We each had a common goal, to serve our country and return home. I was one of the lucky ones. I survived three years of hell in the bug infested jungles. I fought an enemy who by day was a farmer, by night a formidable warrior who we learned to respect. I live with the haunting nightmares of headless friends, their bodies mangled beyond repair.

Marines are known as some of the world’s best shooters. Marine snipers have refined that shooting skills even further, learning to stalk their prey, waiting for one shot, one kill. In Vietnam I was known to the NVA and VC as Thâp tú giá “The Cross”, a Marine sniper who learned the jungle, pursued his foe and when the time was right took the shot.

I have returned to the steel jungle known as Los Angeles. One infested with street gangs, drug dealers, rapist and murderers. They control the neighborhoods with brute force and superior fire power. The police have been fearless in the face of danger as they sprint headlong into the nest of gangs, but are stopped by the laws governing the state. Laws that protect the rights of the criminals and the loopholes that set them free. Where the justice system has failed, The Cross will succeed, the rules are about to change…

My war in Southeast Asia is over now and my new war has begun in the City of Angels…

I am Thâp tú giá “The Cross”

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