The Chinese Invasion

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By Carolyn Denton

This book raises awareness of the possibilities if the West is not careful in trading with China. Trade negotiations between China and North America attract media attention; North Americans are wary of China having too much control over trade to their countries. Studies of Chinese companies show they are dominated by their communist government.
The preparation for a Chinese assault in the novel uses the work of Chinese scientists; their personalities are well defined in the book. The novel imagines a Chinese invasion (using surreptitiously designed imported goods to disable the population) to be possible! In the twenty-first century, many clothes we wear come from Asian countries. Our eyes are protected by their sunglasses and eyeglass lenses. We eat imported canned food from countries known for their lack of hygiene; these products fill the counters of our food chains! When one knows these products are only briefly appraised by government inspectors, it is frightening. Let us remember imports such as toys covered with lead paint and babies’ milk contaminated with melamine. We must think: what will be next? Perhaps this novel will encourage us be more mindful.
The armed aggression described in the novel provokes distress worldwide and there is a massive exodus of people toward new regions; there would follow drastic changes in governance which we cannot conceive of today.

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