The Chandelier Incident and Other Family Nonsense

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By K. L. M. Eton

Any woman or man who has ever been a part of a family since birth, or who has ever been in charge of anyone under the age of 18 years, will find themselves in at least one of these essays detailing the hilarious family situations – and their consequences – we all – not if, but when – recognize. Mr. Murphy, the gentleman of “if it can happen, it will” fame, has assured us this nonsense will continue until time immemorial. Laughter, as soon as it can be mustered in relation to an incident, makes the bitter pill of embarrassment one must swallow during the calamity easier to take. Having partaken of (please note I did not say “caused”) too-numerous-to-count incidents in my lifetime, I know this first-hand. In which essay will you be forced to admit you have participated? Whether that story is still in your closet or you have trumpeted it to anyone and everyone who would listen, you must now laugh!

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