The Beginning of Soul Mates – Lone Walker and One Hunt

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By Ronald Hanifan

Eirik, world famous warrior, is the first to arrive at this new land. His crew becomes sick and all die, except for Eirik. He’s saved by Spotted Fawn and becomes a member of the village. Infatuated with Spotted Fawn they fall deeply in love and realize they are soul mates. After their marriage Eirik fights marauding warriors to protect the village. Living in the village they fear they can never safely raise a family, and build a lodge on a secluded mountain top. Many steamy but tasteful romantic adventures, ancient stories and wisdoms fill the pages. Their circle of life is ending and they write a journal explaining their love and life. The journal and personal treasures are hidden, so that upon returning, they will remember who they were. As they cross over to the other side they are guided by their Spirit Bear and their reincarnated names will be Lone Walker and One Hunt.

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eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

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