The 8th Octave

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By Isaac Ward Koren

Our planet is in great danger. Jack firmly believes that major disturbances in the Earth’s resonant equilibrium are leading us to to our demise. He insists there is only one way to recalibrate the Earth’s harmonic equilibrium and to do so he must risk his own life. He writes his son a parting letter before embarking on a perilous overnight journey in the Yosemite Valley. Max receives this letter from his mother on his seventeenth birthday and is his first communication with his father. The letter invites the boy on a secret mission which is he is willing to accept, will connect him to the “Alpha 13” – a renegade network of agents joining forces to save our home and resist the evil working against them. Will they reunite to save the home?

While writing the letter, Jack is in a harrowing position as he sets out on his own mission to construct a secret energy portal in the Yosemite Valley. He also comes to learn that his wife, Evelyn, has gone into early labor. Meanwhile, their midwife is being followed at the edge of the forest. Jack has no choice but to keep writing before delivering his son in their cabin with his bare hands.

In the letter, Jack begins to give the context for the groundbreaking awareness of the life of music, bringing together the science of music and sacred geometry, using the philosophies of Heidegger and the lineage of the ‘Music of the Spheres.’ Max quickly discovers the relationship between Music and the mathematics of Pythagoras, as well as the power of the frequencies of his brain.

Later, Jack prepares Max with knowledge of sacred mathematical codes hidden inside musical harmony, linked to secret societies and the Gnostic mysteries. Max discovers that the coveted ‘Golden Mean’ is the mathematical link between harmony and life in our galaxy. Max also learns of his father’s hunt for extraterrestrial life and how he augmented the famous ‘Drake Equation’ with a ‘Harmonic Limitation Function,’ giving a solution for a ‘rare Earth.’

It becomes apparent that our planet is in great danger. From the control of standardized pitch in music to the flooding of the airwaves with man made electro-magnetic frequencies, Jack firmly believes that we are cultivating an inhabitable zone for the mammalian brain and nervous system. He insists there is only one way to recalibrate the Earth’s harmonic equilibrium: he and his cohorts must develop a fleet of Star Tetrahedrons, technology that uses sound and electromagnetic signals to open the human mind to inter-dimensional travel and communication. Max must quickly learn how to power this energy portal and save the day.

If everything goes according to plan, he will reunite a group of energetic activists that have been hiding out, working on a plan to restore the harmony of life on Earth.

If you choose to read this book, you must do so within forty-eight hours. If not, destroy it.

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