The 10th Annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale Runs July 1-31

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By Mark Coker, Smashwords

The biggest sale of the year at Smashwords has begun!

From July 1 through July 31, you’ll find over 40,000 exclusive deals in our 10th annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale.

Discount levels are 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and 100%-off (FREE). You’ll also find over 75,000 titles that are regularly priced at free, including free series starters from USA Today and New York Times bestsellers.

Here’s the catalog of participating titles, where you can browse by category, filter by discount level, and more:

Browse books participating in the July Summer/Winter Sale

Be sure to monitor the sale throughout July, because thousands of new titles will join the promotion as the month progresses. Check out the latest enrollments via the Latest Adds to Promo option!

Do you have a favorite author not yet at Smashwords? Drop them a line and encourage them to join the promotion. We’ll be accepting new titles for the promotion up until the moment the sale ends at midnight Pacific time, July 31.


2. Readers: We Want Your Feedback on the Smashwords Store
At Smashwords, we’re always working to improve your shopping experience. Here are a two recent enhancements introduced in the last few weeks:

Easier Series Purchasing
If you purchase a series book, at checkout we’ll now show you other books in the same series that you can add to your cart with a single click.

Catching “Special Deals”
“Special Deals” is an ongoing promotion featuring thousands of books that are exclusively on sale at Smashwords.

We’ve added a new filter so you can now view Special Deals that are about to expire.

We’ve also made books with Special Deals (as well as those participating in a site-wide promotion, like the July Summer/Winter sale) easier to spot throughout the site.

Grab those deals before they disappear!

Participate in our Customer Survey
We’re working on a refresh of the Smashwords home page, all with an eye toward helping you discover your next great read.

We’d like to hear from you. How can we improve your shopping experience at Smashwords? What would be the features or characteristics of your ideal ebook store? How can our authors and publishers serve you better?

Please complete this anonymous survey today and suggest how we can improve Smashwords for you. Your feedback will help guide our future improvements!

Smashwords Store Resources:
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Frequently asked questions
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Learn to Publish Like a Pro:
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How to Publish ebooks (4-part presentation)
Smashwords blog (subscribe today via the email option!)
Enjoy the big sale. Please tell a friend!

Best wishes,
The Smashwords Team

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